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BORING MILLS, VERTICAL, Includes VTL's (Also See CNC Machinery & Equipment)

46" Bullard #Dynatrol, turret head, side head, 313 RPM, 3 or 4-jaw available

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General Specifications

Table Dia.: 46.0"
Manufacturer: bullard
Model: Dynatrol
Stock #: 8980
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Dealer Information
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O'Connell Machinery Co
175 Great Arrow Ave
Buffalo, NY 14207-3009

Contact: W. O'Connell
Tel: 716-877-3666
Fax: 716-877-1136
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Detailed Product Description

      STOCK NO. 8980


S/N 32064                                    New 1968


Swing With Side Head Above Table                              49"
Swing With Side Head Below Table                              58"
Height Under Cross Rail                                    40"
Vertical Travel of Cross Rail                                    28"
Max Height Under Turret Face                              50 3/8"
Vertical Travel of Turret Head                              26"
Horizontal Travel of Turret Head                              65 1/2"
Turret Head Toolpost Holes                                    2 3/4"
Max Height Top of Side Head Ram to Table                        36 1/8"
Vertical Travel of Side Head                                    38 3/4"
Horizontal Travel of Side Head                              23 3/4"

Table:            Built in 3-Jaw chuck                              46" Dia
Speeds:      (20)                                          9 -313 RPM
Feeds:            Infinitely Variable                        .001 - .250 IPR

Heads:            Four Sided Swiveling (30E) Power Indexing Turret Head
Four Sided Power Indexing Side Head


75 HP Main Drive
5 HP Rail Elevation Motor
Automatic Lubrication
Hydraulic Rail Binders
Pistol Grips
Hardened & Ground Ways on Cross Rail
Threading, Drum Scoring & Angle Turning Attachment on Turret Head

Approx Dimensions:      (Rail, Pendant & Turret Up)        115"W x 125"D x 187"H
Approx Weight:                                     44,000 Lbs