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10" x 20" Warner & Swasey #CM4, remanufactured, 1997, #S-15390/91

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10" x 20" Warner Swasey Model CM-4 Multi-Wheel Grinder
Completely Remanufactured, Never Used in Production

Warner Swasey Grinder                  10" x 20" Grinder
Serial Numbers                         803101
Work Swing 10"
Max Work Length Accommdated 26"
Max Grind Work Length 20"
Wheel & Work Center Distances:
Max 27"
Min 12"
Grinding Wheel Size 36" x W x 12"

Center Diameter 1 3/4"
Center Taper #14

Center Diameter 1 3/4"
Center Taper #14

Net Weight 19,000 LBS

Remanufacture Scope of Work
Furnish and Install New:
Replaced all bearings and seals
Replaced all the hydraulics - valves, pumps, tubing and hoses
Flaked and scraped all way surfaces
Wheel spindles were reconditioned and the bearings were scraped and run in
Dressers were completely rebuilt
Ballscrews and servos were added to the infeed slides
Electrical enclosures, subplates and main disconnect
Motor starters, relays, transformers and terminals
Pressure switches and limit switches
Push button station, push buttons, and pilot lights
Orange hose, conduit, sealtite, wire ways and fittings
Marposs inprocess gauging for size and taper control
Variable frequency drive on the spindle
Variable frequency drive on the work drive
Complete rewiring of the machine
Replaced all electrical motors
Add loader interface
Manuals for Set Up, Maintenance, Part and Operation
Complete set of electrical drawings
Estimated full load amps is 109.6 amps
Added Allen Bradley IMC 121 Motion controller with A-B 1394 Servo System to control the wheel infeed
Added Allen Bradley Panel View 550 for Human/Machine Interface
Added Allen Bradley PLC 5/20 for machine control
Added Harting connectors for main electrical enclosure to machine wiring for ease or reconnecting

Note: These machines have been completely remanufactured from the ground up. The seller spent over $880,000 US. These machines are virtually new and have not seen production!
(2) Available S-15390/91