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PRESSES, MOLDING COMPRESSION TRANSFER (Also See Presses,Molding Compression Hydraulic)

400 Ton, K.R. Wilson, upstr, 4-post, 32" str, 58" x 38", 64" DL, 100 T.trans, 30/40 HP

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General Specifications

Ton: 400.0
Manufacturer: wilson k.r.
Stroke: 32.00
Stock #: 19059
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Dealer Information
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Kempler Industries Inc
2461 Greenleaf Ave
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007-5509

Contact: Sales Dept.
Tel: 847-242-8982
Fax: 847-640-0431
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Detailed Product Description

4 Post Type
w/100 Ton Top Transfer
Distance Between 8" Dia. Posts:      58" L R x 17" F B
Platen Area (Nominal): 58" L R x 38" F B (T Slotted)
Overall Dimensions of Platen:       78" L R x 38" F B (T Slotted)
Stroke of Fully Guided Platen:      Approx. 0 32" Maximum
Stroke of Hydraulic Transfer Ram:      0 18" Maximum
Stroke of Top Hydraulic Rack & Pinion
      Guided Stripper Bars:       0 6" Maximum
Stroke of Bottom Hydraulic Rack & Pinion
      Guided Stripper Bars:       0 6" Maximum
Daylight Opening (Total):       64" Maximum
Daylight Opening Between Bolsters:      54" Maximum
Bolsters (2):       42" L R x 36" F B x 5" Thick
                         (T Slotted)
Distance Between Top Stripper Bars:      42" L R
Distance Between Bottom Stripper Bars: 42" L R
Main Ram Diameter:       18" @ 2742 PSI 348 Tons
Side Ram Diameter (2):       7"/5" @ 2742 PSI 52 Tons
Transfer Ram Diameter:       12"/7" @ 1768 PSI 100 Tons
Floor to Top of Moving Platen:      Approx. 64" or To Suit Customer
Power Unit (Free Standing):       Racine Model PC65NCDORNN and
       Tyrone Model 25950A5L Hydraulic Pumps
       Both Driven by 100 HP 1180 RPM
             460/3/60 D.E. Motor
       (2) Racine Model PSV PNSO 20 Hyd. Pumps
       Both Driven by 40 HP 1765 RPM
             460/3/60 D.E. Motor
       Racine Model PSV PNSO 20 and
             Sta Rite Model 1HCS Hyd. Pumps
       Both Driven by 30 HP 1770 RPM
             460/3/60 D.E. Motor
Speeds Approx.:       CLAMP        TRANSFER
480"/Min. Closing       170"/Min. Closing
60"/Min. Pressing to 400 Tons       50"/Min. Pressing to 100 Tons
       480"/Min. Return             70"/Min. Return
Controls:       Pushbutton Operation w/Stroke,
                   Pressure & Speed Controls For
                    Main Ram & Transfer Cylinders
             Dual Pushbuttons
             Selector Switch For Manual or
                   Semi Automatic Operation
             Cure & Degas Cycle Timers
             Pressure Gauges
Weight approx.: 52,000# (Press); 10,000# (Power Unit)
1500# (Electrical Panel)
Overall Dimensions Approx. 104" L R x 72" F B x 234" Above Floor Line
      (Cylinders Extend Approx. 60" Below Floor Line)
            120" L R x 96" F B x 72" H (Power Unit)
            40" L R x 36" F B x 72" H (Electrical Panel)
Serial No. 2724
Stock No. 19059