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2800 KVA 4160 Pri. 480/277 Sec., Square D, taps (2)

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2800 KVA 4160 Pri. 480/277 Sec., Square D, taps (2)
One (1) 2500/2800 KVA Square “D”, Class OA Transformer. Identified by: Serial No. 900308-A1, Manufactured in 1990, 3 phase, 60 cycle. High Voltage: 4160 Delta, Low Voltage: 480Y/277, KVA rating 2500/2800 continuous, Impedance 5.6% at 2500. All windings aluminum. BIL Levels: HV winding 60KV, LV winding 30KV.Liquid type oil contains less than 1 PPM of PCB material. At time of manufacture, maximum operating pressures of liquid preservation system 10 PSI positive and 8 PSI negative. Tank suitable for 7 PSI vacuum filling.

Approximate Weights:
Total: 13,677 lbs.
Core & Coils: 5860 lbs.
Tank & Fillings: 4180 lbs.

485 Gallons Liquid
3637 lbs.

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