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115000 PPH Nebraska, Pkg W.T., 350 psi, low NOx, gas/oil, watertube, new

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One (1) New 100,000-115,000#/hr. Nebraska, 350 psig D.P., Package Watertube Boiler, Type NS-F-89. The boiler is a 2-drum bent tube type, referred to as a "D" design, composed of a 48" I.D. steam drum and a 30" mud drum with 2" O.D. tubes. Boiler has a total heating surface of 8,292 sq. ft. of which 1,306 sq. ft. are in the water walls. The furnace volume is 1,858 cu.ft. Built in accordance with ASME Code and bearing N.B. and H.S.B. stampings. The boiler is equipped with a TODD Combustion Variflame low NOx fully automatic burner for combination gas and oil firing, forced draft fan with a 150HP, 3/60/230-460V., TEFC motor with starter, (1) Todd Combustion burner management system, I. R. I., F. M. and U. L. approved, Fireye Flame Monitor E100 series flame safeguard system. Moore microprocessor combustion and single element (convertible to 3-element) feedwater control system actuating Maxon fuel valves, fan and windbox damper and air registers for burner air control valve and a Fisher feedwater control valve. The valve trim consists of: (2) feedwater block and (1) feedwater bypass valves, Reliance primary LWCO and (1) Reliance auxiliary LWCO and drain valves, (1) feedwater stop valve, (1) check valve, (1) set of Reliance water gauge and water column valves, (1) continuous blowdown stop and control valve, (1) chemical feed valve, (1) vent valve, (2) Yarway angle and straightway blowoff valves, (2) consolidated safety valves and (1) Ashcroft steam gauge.
Approximate Overall Dimensions: 37' -0" L x 12' -3.5" W x 15' -3" H
Approximate Total Shipping Weights: 130,967 Lbs.