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40000 PPH Nebraska, Watertube Boiler, trailer mounted, 350 psi, gas/oil (3)

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40000 PPH Nebraska, Watertube Boiler, trailer mounted, 350 psi, gas/oil (3)
Three (3) 40,000#/Hr. Nebraska Mobile Trailer Mounted Package Watertube Boilers, 350psig D.P., Model NOS-1A-53. Each boiler is capable of operating at pressures between 125-335psig. The boiler is an "O" design, 2-drum, bent tube type, composed of a 36" I.D. steam drum and a 24" O.D. lower drum with 2" O.D. tubes. Each boiler has a total heating surface of 2,685 sq. ft., of which 390 sq. ft. are in the waterwalls. The furnace volume is 601 cu. ft. Built in accordance with ASME code and bears N.B. and H.S.B. stampings. Equipped with a Todd Combustion Variflame low NOx, fully automatic burner for gas/#2-6 oil firing, the boiler has a forced draft fan with a 40HP, 3/60/440V, 1780RPM, TEFC motor with starter, Moore microprocessor combination combustion and feedwater control system, Fireye microprocessor flame monitor system, 1/60/110V control circuit transformer, and is IRI, FM and NFPA approved. Fuel consumption is 360GPH on #2 oil, 341GPH on #6 oil, and 53,000SCFH on natural gas. The valve trim consists of: one (1) Fisher feedwater control valve, one (1) 2" stop valve, one (1) check valve, one (1) feed control system drain valve, one (1) Clark-Reliance LWCO and auxiliary LWCO with bypass, one (1) Clark-Reliance water column assembly with high and low alarm, water gauge and valves, tricocks and drain valves, one (1) continuous blowdown control valve, one (1) stop valve, one (1) chemical feed valve, one (1) vent valve, two (2) Consolidated 1-1/2" safety valves, two (2) 1-1/2" blowoff valves, as well as miscellaneous valve trim, regulators, and controllers. Burner and controls are metal housed with extended rainhood cover. One (1) 8' H x 36" Dia. Stack with rectangular to round transition piece included. All integrally mounted on a drop-deck, triple axle trailer.
Approximate Overall Dimensions: 52'-4" L x 8'-6" W x 13'-9" H
Approximate Total Shipping Weights: 73,000 Lbs.


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